Corporate Events Planning

Executive & Company Meetings

Today's pace of business requires constant communication with employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and analysts to assure up-to-date and accurate information. Few technologies can compare with webcasting for efficient and cost-effective communication on a global scale.

Veracast can customize your executive and company meeting with its ConferenCenter™ tools and production experience including:
  • Viewer questions and logging
  • Automatic slide advancing and synchronization
  • Surveys and real-time polling
  • Teleconference audio bridging
  • User registration
  • Enhanced security features
  • Custom web site design
  • Viewer statistics and tracking
  • Multicasting technology and consulting
Veracast can arrange to capture your executive or company meeting from virtually any location in the U.S. with high-speed Internet capability.

Industry Conferences

Veracast is a leading producer of industry conferences for investment banking, financial services and bio-pharma industry clients. In fact, Veracast has the deepest experience in conference webcasting, having produced the first major investment industry virtual conference webcast in 1997. Today, Veracast is the webcast provider of choice for several large, multi-national investment banking institutions.

Veracast takes a hands-on approach to managing the extensive logistics involved in the webcast production of a virtual conference. We start with:
  • Sophisticated design services to customize the look and feel of your conference web site
  • Detailed agenda preparation
  • Graphics handling and processing for the web
  • Presenter support services
  • Viewer registration, tracking and statistical reporting
  • Global content distribution and archived hosting
When your conference demands the very best, contact Veracast.