Platform and Technology

The ConferenCenter™ Virtual Presentation System™

ConferenCenter™ is a comprehensive suite of web-based software tools and utilities designed to enhance and manage the production and delivery of interactive virtual presentations over the Internet. ConferenCenter™ is a modular, web-based software application that is comprised of the ConferModerator™ and EventManager™. Each of these proprietary modules is designed to be accessed via a standard web browser directly over the Internet. In addition, ConferenCenter™ supports the latest streaming media players from HTML5, Adobe Flash™ and Microsoft Windows Media Technologies™. As a result, our clients are not required to purchase server software or specialized client software in order to realize the full benefits and powerful capabilities of ConferenCenter™.

The ConferenCenter™ module contains a suite of web-based tools that enable the on-site control and management of a live webcast production. From activating links to live scheduled events to advancing slides in real time, ConferenCenter™ ensures an orderly production of a live webcast event as well as a positive viewing experience for your on-line attendees.

The ConferModerator™ module is designed to support the interactive Internet business presentation where feedback from the Internet audience is encouraged and is an important aspect of the presentation format. ConferModerator™ allows the presenter or an assistant (the moderator) to control the real-time advancing of presentation slides; to manage and field questions from the Internet audience; to conduct on-line polls (or exams) and surveys; and to determine who is on-line during the presentation. ConferModerator™ is easily accessed by the client via a password protected web page using a standard web browser (no plugins required).

The ConferModerator™ module also allows our clients to access web-based management reports that summarize various statistics of the webcast event. Our on-line reporting utility allows real-time access to the number and names of viewers logging into the virtual presentation, summary and detailed results of surveys and polls submitted. ConferModerator™ also allows our clients to maintain a database of client user names, passwords, email addresses and other user profile information.